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which oil is best for pennis growth no 1 India – Mewat oil

penis size increase oil and Tablet, With which medicine can you increase the size of your penis up to 9 inches. For the tablets that you will get, you have to take both time 11 with water in the morning and evening. Also, massage in the evening with this oil, which is to be mixed with betel leaves.

pennis growth Losan kiya hai

Penis Size Increase This is a lotion. It is made by Doctor Ashraf Mewati. Many kinds of herbs are added to it. For example, acacia tree flax, cinnamon, bay leaves, long, sycamore oil, in addition, and herb oil have also been included. Which is very helpful in increasing the size of your tennis. Its result is not seen for 7 days. But still, you have to use it for about 45 days. Its price rate is quite low.

How to use tiger lotion

Tiger lotion is much easier to use. You can use it easily anywhere. But to use it, you will need a betel leaf which is present almost everywhere.

Tiger lotion is to massage the upper part and bottom of the penis well with a light hand i.e. slowly with the finger. Except for the next fate, which is the headpiece of the penis. When you have done the flirt massage with the finger 5 to 7 minutes, then you should put a little bit of betel leaf and tie it well.

Are there any side effects pennis growth

No, Tiger lotion does not have any side effects. You may have a slight burning sensation in the penis. Which automatically gets right in a day or two.

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1 review for pennis growth best oil indian no 1 mewat oil

  1. M S Mewati

    This is a very good product and I have seen a very good result of it myself, I will request you to use it as well Thank you so much Mewati dispensary Thank you sir

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